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And public festivals but none of this is for Matt he’s a military man and marijuana would be a career end¬† I grew up in Wisconsin in a well loving family and I was educated there like.

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You know that’s a drug you Methyl B Complex don’t do that and I never did but just decades ago marijuana was a legitimate medication also called cannabis prescribed by doctors and dispensed by pharmacies.

This is Harry J that all changed in relentless warfare against Henry Gaines linker the United States first drug czar him public enemy number one you guessed it marijuana this guy saw how.

He could increase the budget Methyl B Complex of his department by having this mission going the marijuana you know saying that there’s this drug that the Mexican migrant workers are smoking and its locoweed and it’s gonna make them crazy and.

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They’re gonna rape your women he got the anti-marijuana message out through news reports and then Methyl B Complex came this thin incurably insane the film reefer madness portraying the users of marijuana is unproductive crazed people are still afraid of what pot can do to.

Them in many ways to have defined our attitudes now for years yeah marijuana then became illegal in Methyl B Complex and by it was a schedule controlled substance the government was saying it had no medicinal value and had a high potential for abuse all reasons why.

The Frigged stayed away from marijuana until this and this might be hard for some of you to watch this is Methyl B Complex  their daughter Charlotte having a seizure just thought.

It was just one random-febrile seizure nothing to really do medications it’s a fluke right a fluke made sense after all Charlotte nicknamed Charlie was born perfectly healthy.